1. Space Between
    Chase Kuesel

  2. Retoñar
    Dan Pocetti

  3. Death Certificate

  4. The Aggregate Loss of Possibility
    John Blevins' MATTERHORN

  5. Aves

  6. 85bears
    Greg Ward, Jason Stein, Matt Lux, Marcus Evans & Chad Taylor

  7. No Me Digas Loco
    Sergio Verdinelli

  8. Reactivist
    Sam Decker

  9. adventure #1 glaspie/haas
    alex massa plays well with others

  10. Determining What's Next
    Matthew Golombisky

  11. Reckless, Indigo
    Hood Smoke

  12. A Trio for Three
    Chris Beyt

  13. Meeting In Progress

  14. Northernsong
    Luke Norris

  15. Red Shift (re-issue)
    Red Shift

  16. Windowsill
    Lauren Lee

  17. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
    Hood Smoke

  18. El equilibrio secreto de las cosas
    Axel Filip

  19. Paisaje
    Sebastian Greschuk

  20. Book of Hours
    Gregg Belisle- Chi

  21. Meets Tim Berne & Aurora Nealand
    Trapper Keaper

  22. Freedom
    The Wild Oaks

  23. Hazel
    Wing Walker Orchestra

  24. Volume 6 Sampler

  25. Volume 3
    Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos

  26. Uzumati
    John Blevins' MATTERHORN

  27. The Waters Above
    Phil Schurger

  28. Sawtooth (single)
    John Blevins' MATTERHORN

  29. Live at Sleeping Village
    Hood Smoke

  30. Vidas Simples
    Juan Bayon

  31. Before You Said Goodbye

  32. Man of the Earth
    Jesse Peterson Quartet

  33. City In A Garden
    Matt Piet

  34. Peeler (single)
    John Blevins' MATTERHORN

  35. Myths and Morals
    Chad Taylor

  36. Cannonball Porch
    Hood Smoke

  37. Volume V Sampler

  38. Tag Book
    Charles Rumback

  39. Earthshine
    Dan Bruce's :beta collective

  40. Echoes of the Ancestors
    Phil Schurger

  41. Volumes 1 & 2
    Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos

  42. Live at The Green Mill
    George Freeman & Mike Allemana Organ Quartet

  43. By A Thread
    Clark Sommers Lens

  44. Threes
    Charles Rumback

  45. Effigy

  46. Focus
    Paul Dietrich Quintet

  47. Gimme Some Truth (feat. Yoni Wolf)
    Jeremy Cunningham

  48. True North
    Ashley Summers

  49. Feather
    Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough

  50. Dedicated
    Matija Dedic

  51. Miss Remember
    Miss Remember

  52. Volume IV Sampler

  53. Some Other Tree (featuring Rusty Jones)
    Samuel Mösching Group

  54. Quartet : Vortices
    Nate Lepine

  55. Natural Language
    Dustin Laurenzi's Natural Language

  56. Outset

  57. The Delicate Beast

  58. Tall Tales
    Jon Deitemyer

  59. re: dawn (from far)
    Jeremy Cunningham Quartet

  60. Islands
    Rob Clearfield

  61. The Only Way To Float Free

  62. Typical Sisters
    Typical Sisters

  63. Old Door Phantoms
    Dave Miller

  64. Drink With Your Eyes
    Warm Blooded

  65. Rough Around The Hedges
    Hood Smoke

  66. Prehistoric Beach

  67. Living Bridge
    Living Bridge

  68. Gustav 29 Hanna Concerto
    Tomorrow Music Orchestra

  69. Volume Three Sampler

  70. In The New Year
    Charles Rumback

  71. Doors: Chicago Storylines
    Caroline Davis Quartet

  72. Bembé / Leaves Rain (single)
    Jeremy Cunningham

  73. Altamira
    Darts & Arrows

  74. Bembé (single)
    Jeremy Cunningham Quartet

  75. Materials and their Destiny
    Curt Sydnor

  76. Sacred Rubble

  77. Dancing on the Inside

  78. Daylight Savings
    Charles Rumback & John Tate

  79. Beveled
    James Davis' Beveled

  80. High Mayhemic

  81. Delays
    Merge Quintet

  82. Hanami Quartet

  83. Volume Two Sampler

  84. December Concert
    Bill MacKay & Matt Lux

  85. Passion Ball

  86. April Showers

  87. Voyage to Ornoc

  88. Subventure

  89. Familiar Espionage

  90. Magnetic Flux

  91. neon jesus garage
    Tomorrow Music Orchestra

  92. Live at Ice Factory
    Tomorrow Music Orchestra


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Focusing on deliberate efforts of sincere music/art, ears&eyes was born within a vibe of community and creativity in Chicago, after its conception in New Orleans with branches spreading to New York, Bay Area and Buenos Aires. We're a family, of sorts, releasing amazing jazz-type and rock
music, with hints of folk, noise, chamber, free and soul.
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